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People come to Creveling's Sawmill for quality.  We have been in the business supplying
farms and businesses with rough sawn lumber for over 40 years.  If you are looking for
chemically treated products, you've come to the wrong place.  What's the difference?  The
wood industry wanted to make a cheap and widely available product (softwoods) worth
more.  Softwoods don't have the strength and longevity of hardwoods, so they surface the
softwood and treat it to increase its longevity.
We provide true hardwoods in full dimensions, with the same properties used on farms
and in grain mills for hundreds of years.  
Fence Boards:  We stock 1"x 6" oak fence boards in a variety of lengths from 8' to 16'.  The
only length which is 'end cut' is our 16' stock, so the buyer has extra material to work with
on shorter 'make up' lengths.  Mixed hardwood species are available upon request at a
lower cost.   
Posts:  The two main species preferred are oak and locust.  Locust is the 'premium' due
to its natural ability to resist rot.  We carry dimensional locust as well as a small stock of
round posts.  Mixed hardwoods can last a long time provided they are prepared properly
(i.e. tar or char the ends).  This comes from quite a number of 'old timers' who stop by.  A
hint for the "fast wood chain shoppers", moisture is wood's enemy.  Please don't plop any
wood, treated or not, in concrete without preparation.  Concrete transfers moisture to
wood and speeds the decay process.
Stakes:  Our stakes are cut and pointed hardwoods unless otherwise specified.  They
are available in lengths from 2' to 8' long.  We typically specify them as 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" on
cross section but cross sectional dimension can vary.  Our points are rounded
(otherwise known as pencil point), not cross cut which has a tendency to drive the stake
sideways.  Hardwoods have a much greater resistance to splitting when driving deep or
into tough soil.
Crafters:  Please ask for pointer chips (shavings), they are a find ... and
have many uses.
Lathe:  Many people wonder what lathe is ... it's basically a thin stake without a point
used primarily for marking property (i.e. surveying).  There are two grades, that which is
cut for that purpose, and the other are tailings from the mill which are set aside and
banded.  It can be used to make architectural fencing and crafts.  
A hint: FAS is typically
cut off the outside of the log, that's where the slabwood comes from!  We sell slabwood by
the bundle.  Small crafters may find this a true treasure.
Sawdust:  This is the chips from the sawmill.  We separate certain wood species (walnut,
cherry, ...) which have a tendency to create hoof (cracking) disease.  Sawdust is primarily
used for animal bedding, shrub bedding, and crop insulation.  It has also been used to
line trailers to prevent "sticky" products from sticking to truck bed linings.
Chips and Mulch:  Typically products ground from waste materials which everybody has
a feeling for ... To start with, most mulch sold today would not 'cut the mustard' with what
was sold a few years back.  Chips are the primary material, mulch is created through
secondary grinding and coloring operations.  In the beginning, chips were created from
virgin (i.e. unused tree trimmings and stumpage) stock.  Low quality chips were
materials which included the 'whole' tree, leaves and brush surrounding the tree.  High
quality included the tree and bark itself.  Today a majority comes from raw materials
such as used pallets retired from chemical, industrial, and packaging industries.  In
many cases, the material we sell as chips have been sold by others as Triple ground
material.  Triple ground material used to mean that the 'chips' were sent through the
chipper/mulcher three times.  Today it means the product conforms to a certain screen
size.  We have been in and out of this business for many years and only do it part time.   
Here are a few pictures of the old day raw material  ...

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