Rough Sawn Lumber
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Custom Sawn Lumber
and an introduction to Wavy Edge products ....
We provide anything from bridge timbers and decking (which someone else
qualifies) to siding and fencing, and homeowner projects which include fixing
something existing or building an 'idea'  (yes, we have provided wood to make
cultural icons such as out-houses and the like.)  

We keep a pretty fair stock of standard material as well as a few unusual items.

We can cut just about anything provided we have the logs.  If we don't have it,
there is a pretty good chance someone we know does.  Please call for
Disclosure/Terms and Conditions of Sale:  We sell
dimensional lumber with the intent to meet intended
use.  We do not certify or grade our products for these
purposes, and do not represent that the product, in
whole or in part, will perform as intended.  As a result,
the buyer is solely responsible for the product's
intended use, and any grading or certification
required will be the responsibility of the buyer.
The following are a few examples of our products to give you an idea
of what we do.
Beams:  These can be cut out of just about any
species.  Our product has been used for post and
beam, bridges, museums, and retaining walls.  Cost
is directly dependant on species and size.  We can
cut large and long.  Please review the terms and
conditions of sale below for additional information.
Planks:  Planking can be used for a variety of purposes including construction (trailer and
bridge decking), architectural (an idea for the right spot), truck side boards, and many
specialty applications.  This is a tough one to explain, but if you cant find what you are
looking for, ask ...
Boards:  This product is so diverse  ... it's easier to just show a few photos of oak fence
boards, random width hardwoods, and siding.
Siding:  Most cases, our customers want a rustic or "grey" look to the boards...'
Oak Fence Boards:  1"x6" carried in stock 8', 10', 12', 14', 16'
Random Width Hardwoods:  We stock widths 4"-12", and a variety of lengths in 2'
Board and batton
Clap board
... for the Rustic Look
Wavy Edge:  A favorite ...
please reference our other
wavy edge  
products ... regular or extra wavy
Crevelings Sawmill
a division of Montana Mountain Lumber LLC
245 Millbrook Rd.
Washington, NJ 07882
ph (908) 689-6365
We sell only the raw materials.  
The buyer is responsible for intended use and grading