Slab &
Everybody has an opinion on firewood and their own particular preferences.  Some people
want little bitty pieces for decoration and an occasional burn in the fireplace,  but  most
contact us for home heating.  Since we get so many questions regarding size, species,
delivery and the like the following is an overview of what we have.

Type of Wood
We have two types of firewood: Slabwood and split/round firewood.  Our slabwood comes
from the side cuts on the logs and our split/round firewood comes from log trimmings.  
The wood which we sell as firewood consists of hardwoods with an occasional
softwood mixed in by mistake.  It can be oak, ash, hickory, maple, sycamore and the like.  
Poplar (which is classified as a hardwood)  and the softwoods are separated out.  
Hardwoods burn better and longer and are great for heating, softwoods burn faster and
hotter and are used for campfires or quick space heating ... most of our customers want
hardwoods.  A few take the softwoods for a discounted price.

Our firewood is cut and split throughout the year and exposed to the sun and wind.  Simply
stated, we don't cut down a tree and sell it for firewood.  Our slab and rounds are set out to
dry .  We do our best to give the customer good dry wood at a fair price.  

We sell our firewood by the CORD (4'x4'x8', 128 cubic feet) volume measurement.  We only
deliver 3 cords and above, and a typical delivery is 4 cords.

Buyer be aware note: There is no such thing as a Face Cord.  The face cord is an old
layman's term which people used to define an area measurement, depending on the
length of the firewood the true volume can vary.

We deliver locally and depending on distance, delivery charges may apply.  We allow
people to pick up rounds and slabs (conditions apply).

Length Preparation:
Our slabwood is cut on an automatic saw which cuts it to length (within variation of the
machine).  Our split firewood comes from the chainsaw cuts off our mill logs.  Both may
have a couple pieces a little longer from the specified size, but not too much.  Slabwood is
sold in 2" increments from 16-22" long.  Split firewood has a higher variability in length, but
we try to keep under the specified length.  

What's the difference between Slab and Split Firewood??
This is a question we get a lot, but most people want to know if they burn the same.  The
same wood species are in both, so the easy answer is YES.  The caveat is that you have
to stack it in your burner properly!!!  
(see note below)  The main difference is that slabwood
tends to have a large variety of sizes, from pieces which you may have to break with an axe
to smaller pieces used for kindling.  My guess is that 85/90% of our customers who have
burned both prefer slab ... probably because it is less expensive!

Note:   Slabwood is typically smaller and/or flatter than split firewood.  If you want the fire to
last a long time, you stack/interlock the wood so air does not penetrate the 'pile' and the fire
burns from the outside-in. (i.e to keep the fire overnight).  If you want a hot fire, you criss
cross the firewood allowing air to get in so it burns faster and hotter (i.e. stoking up the
morning fire).  The main difference is that slabwood has a variety of sizes from overnight
wood to kindling.

Do you use a firewood Processor?  We have had problems with the size ...
No, we don't use a firewood processor so we usually have a better consistency in size, but
not length.

I heard Slabwood has more bark ... is this true?
Not usually.  They are about the same.

Can I buy unprepared firewood or slabwood at a cheaper cost?
Yes, we sell the slabwood by the bundle.  The terms are that the customer loads the
bundle themselves and takes the whole bundle.   We also sell odd length (typically shorts)
and non-preferred species (poplar, softwoods) at a discounted price with the condition
that you take the entire bundle as is (no sorting for best pieces).

Please call us with any questions you may have regarding our sale and condition of sale
for firewood.  We are always happy to help meet your needs.
Slabwood Bundles:  Used
for Crafts or Firewood
Firewood Rounds for burning
Typical Slab Firewood
Slabwood .............................................  Firewood
Slabwood has a variety of uses from crafts to firewood.  There are many types of odd
shapes as well as odd sized boards in our bundles.  Our firewood is just that, good wood
for burning.  
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