Log Purchase
245 Millbrook Road
Washington, NJ  07882
Telephone: (908) 689-6365
Logs can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  At
Creveling's Sawmill we typically buy bulk materials from reputable

For us bulk is a truck load of logs that consists of saw logs of any
species of reasonable size.

Trucking is a major factor in any log purchase/sale and should
be considered in any timber transaction

We talk to any homeowner, lot owner, and tree expert with the hope
the logs (trees) are worth more than the trucking.  Typically if there is a
truck load of true saw logs it is best to deal with us.  

There are many considerations when dealing with logs/lumber.  We
enjoy meeting good people and explaining the why and how.   

How we purchase logs ...

a)  Verify Volume with Seller
b)  Define Interest for parties involved
c)  Discuss Expectations
d)  Schedule Meeting
d)  Estimate perceived value and Trucking
e)  Proceed with offer/Complete
Log Purchase