Wavy Edge Products
"Wavy Edge"

Another hard to find, in-demand product ...

As far as I know, Creveling's Sawmill was the first to produce and market this item in
the area.    My parents were always the creative type, and just made things work.

They felt anyone could make a board, but ...
Can we do something unique that no one
else has??
 That's when the Wavy Edge product was born.  Instead of making
everything square like their competition, mom and pop figured they would go out on a
'limb' (sorry for the pun!) and cut a few boards with an unfinished edge.  My goodness ...
it Sold!  

Wavy Edge is today...  The original Wavy Edge concept was strictly clap board
siding which people would use for their garage, lean-to, or fence.  It has come to mean
anything made out of a tree which has one or more original tree edges.  Today we
manufacture a number of products we would term as Wavy Edge ... the "old" clapboard
siding, planter materials, even mantles for your fireplace.  

There are advantages to being the first to do something.  If you don't see what you are
looking for please ask.
Rough Wavy Edge Siding
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